Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Professor...

I don’t really have a chapter that has been challenging my beliefs, but I do have a… theme that seems to be underlying in the way that people have been speaking in class. I am the only white person in class, not that I am saying this to exemplify myself in anyway, but I have noticed a hatred for my “race” in the words of both your teachings and in the words of the other students. Multiple times a sentence will start out “Because the white people do _____, the minorities are considered _____.” Now while I do agree that this is a common occurrence, I am a bit offended to be lumped into such an awful category. It frustrates me because I feel like we are fighting for equality, but only for certain groups.

My parents raised me to see a person for the person they are on the inside, not if they are an African American, a Hispanic, an Asian, a Homosexual, a Transsexual, a Muslim, a Christian, or an Atheist. Those things may influence how that person reacts to me, but that does not make them who they are. Color has never been a determining factor in my judgment of a person. If I may say so, I view everyone as if I am watching a “white” television. Everyone IS equal in my eyes. Rich or poor, black or white, skinny or curvy… who really cares?

I guess I am just aggravated at the fact that I get judged for what my ancestors did to other’s years and years ago. If I exhibited those same actions, then sure, go ahead and hate me. That would be understandable. But I don’t own slaves, I don’t call people wet backs, I don’t look at a Muslim woman with distaste because she wears a burka. I look at colored and religious people with curiosity; I only want to learn about what they believe so that I can grow in myself and better myself in this world.

I come from a place where being skinny, Latter Day Saint, and blonde are the only ways to succeed. I was none of those things. My family was separated, I was adopted, and I was Christian. I suffered more than you would think. My point here is, “white” people suffer at the hands of others as well. I am not saying I am any better than you, or that my struggles were better or worse than yours. I am just saying that we are all equal. We all go through things that can mold us into something. It is our choice to create hatred in our hearts.

I apologize for the idiots in this world that still torture people different then themselves. It’s ridiculous. Because I believe that there are only a few true blood lined races left in this world. We are so mixed and blended together that there is no knowing what we really are.

I guess I am writing this to just say, that if people want to be treated equally, we must show equality to others. I know that there are things in this world that want to stop this movement, but how are we supposed to change this if we just sit on our butts and do nothing to change ourselves. We say how much we hate how the world treats us… well why don’t we show the world how to treat us by treating it with respect and acceptance? There is always going to be hatred and discrimination, no matter what color or religion you are. But I am determined to prove that not all “white” people are this way by being an open and accepting soul to everyone who comes across my path.

(Yes, I am turning this in tonight.)

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  1. Bravo!!! Clair first right off the bat you are so articulate I love that in your writing! Secondly, all the points you raised are absolutely true...colorblind isn't just something "white" people must be toward other races but it is a condition that humanity itself has to enbrace if we are ever going to get past all these issues that keep dredging up and holding us back! I am sooo proud of you and just love you to bits and pieces!! You are a bright light and I love how you glow!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo